Welcome to E-Shoppy! Everyday is a Shopping day.

We’re relatively a new e-commerce establishment backed by 20 years of global business success in the IT industry. Eshoppy aims to cater to your needs by offering high-quality refurbished IT Hardware & households. Our philosophy of “Cost-Saving Solutions” allows us to procure the most demanded products; Including Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, LEDs, Households, and many others on very  with competitive prices. 

Every product we sell is always backed by “Quality & Best Working Standards”. We intend to build long-lasting serving relationships with our valuable customers.  

At Eshoppy, We love to gain customer’s trust by providing them with real value for money. We prefer compact but most viable solutions with unmatched durability. Just to enhance our “User-Related Expectations” and quality assurance, our team took refurbishing to next-level by Testing & Inspecting every item before dispatch.  

Our Mission

“We believe in surpassing all expectations by delivering the right value across every community & channels we serve.”

Our vision

“Our vision is to deliver the best by keeping the customer’s trust. We love to secure our business through sustainable business edges.”